Same Day Crowns/Onlays (CEREC® CAD CAM)

CEREC Machine

Same Day Crowns using CEREC® CAD CAM

cerecThere is nothing worse than leaving the dentist’s office without your permanent crown, even with a temporary cap. With CEREC®, that worry is a thing of the past. CEREC® CAD CAM is a computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, which allows us to fabricate customized, tooth colored restorations, such as crowns and onlays, in our office in a single visit.

You will never again need to leave the office with a temporary crown or schedule a second visit to finish your restoration. Even better, with same-day service, you won’t need additional anesthesia to finish your treatment. We know your time is valuable, and we don’t want you to have to miss more than a day of work for dental restoration.

Let’s explore the incredible technology that makes this possible: the CEREC® CAD CAM, and the process.

What is CEREC®?

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC®, is a state-of-the-art method of constructing tooth restorations in office. CEREC® uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to offer same-day restorations for patients. Similar to a 3D printer (but much stronger), this revolutionary technology is the future of ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers.

There is no longer a wait between preparing the customized restoration and receiving the finished product. With CEREC®, the technology creates your restoration while you are sitting in the dental chair. These restorations are metal-free and tooth colored, restoring your tooth to its natural beauty, strength, and function. With CEREC®’s CAD-CAM technology, these ceramic restorations are all finished in one single visit to Great Oaks Dentistry.

Step One: Exam and Preparation

Before you start, Dr. Hooty will determine if CEREC® is right for you. Depending on how much healthy tooth structure is left, you may only need a simple filling instead of a crown. After Dr. Hooty determines the best approach for you, he will prepare your tooth by administering anesthetic and removing decay and weakened tissue.

Step Two: Optical Impression

After your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Hooty will take a three-dimensional scan of it with a digital camera. This way, there is no need for a time-consuming, messy impression mold. That’s right. The nasty, goopy material that was once used for dental impressions is obsolete. The CEREC® software on the computer converts the digital scan into a virtual model of your tooth, and you’re half-way there.


Step Three: Milling

Unlike three-dimensional printing, the CEREC® CAD CAM uses a milling device to carve your customized crown out of a block of ceramic. Dr. Hooty will choose this block based on the original color of your tooth and the surrounding teeth, so it will match your smile perfectly.

Step Four: Placement

When the milling unit finishes its work, Dr. Hooty will place it on your tooth to make sure it fits properly. After that, it will be bonded onto your tooth and polished to brilliance, giving you a new, healthy smile in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.

That’s it. You won’t need a temporary crown and you won’t need a follow up visit, so you save both money and your valuable time. You also need less anesthetic because you only have to go through the procedure once, and CEREC® crowns and veneers last up to ten years – much longer than traditional metal or ceramic crowns.

Dr. Hooty was one of the first dentists in Round Rock, TX to incorporate this technology. His years of experience using the CEREC® CAD CAM will ensure that your new crown looks and feels just like your natural tooth.

Schedule your appointment today at Great Oaks Dentistry, and experience the CEREC® Advantage for yourself!