Content Smiles: Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you want to drastically improve your smile, there are various cosmetic treatments that you can use. In several situations, a simple whitening treatment can drastically improve the look of your teeth. Stains or discolorations, can alter the look of your smile and cause you to feel self conscious in... Read more »

Avoid These School Habits for a Healthier Smile

Did you know there are little habits you might participate in at school that can negatively affect your smile? Well, it’s true. This means that if you’re not careful, these habits can promote dental issues. Our dentist, Dr. Hooty Alayan, strongly encourages you to avoid those habits so you can... Read more »

Combat Dry Mouth With These Tips!

Did you know you can combat dry mouth? Dry mouth can be a warning sign something is wrong with your oral health. As a result, bad breath or bacteria can grow in your mouth. To avoid dry mouth, your dentist, Dr. Hooty Alayan with Great Oaks Dentistry in Round Rock,... Read more »

Brushing Tricks

If you want a proper and effective brushing routine, then you need to develop some handy brushing tricks. This is recommended because it’s possible to botch your brushing routine and harm your teeth and gums. The more good brushing habits you have, the less room you have for bad habits.... Read more »

Tips for Helping Your Smile Recover After Basketball Season

When participating in sports, especially high-contact sports, it can be tough to properly care for your teeth, gums and smile during the season. This is due to the focus on getting better, faster and stronger without keeping the oral health in mind. If you’re one who struggled to keep the... Read more »

The Details of Dry Socket

A potential side-effect you’ll want to avoid after a tooth extraction is dry socket. Ideally, after your extraction, the pain should abate within a day and the socket should heal as it is protected by a blood clot. If that clot is disrupted or dislodge, the nerves and bones will... Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Restore and Protect a Damaged Tooth

A dental crown may be right for you if one or your teeth needs to have its shape, strength, and size restored. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration that will cover the entire visible portion of a tooth. Dr. Hooty Alayan may recommend a dental crown in Round... Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Swelling

Impacted wisdom teeth usually go one of only two ways: they're no concern at all or they're a big issue. How will it go for you? While we hope they're no concern, we want to do all we can to prevent them from becoming a problem for you in the... Read more »

Consistent and Effective Flossing is Critical for Great Dental Health

The spaces between each of your teeth, contours, and the depths of the gumline often prove difficult, if not impossible for your tooth brush to clean. This is part of the reason why the American Dental Association also recommends that you remember to floss these areas at least once per... Read more »

Basic First-Aid and Treatment Considerations for a Chipped Tooth

The American Association of Endodontists notes that accidental blows to the mouth from sports injuries, automotive accidents, and household falls represent some of the more common causes of chipped teeth and dental fractures. The size, severity, and location of damage to the tooth can cause varying symptoms, sensitivity, and possible... Read more »