Our Client Testimonials

After 11 years in Europe and relocating to a new area, one of my “to-do” jobs was to find a dentist. The thing with reviews is..is that you’re only as good as your last review & experience, & whilst “rock star” reviews were one reason to draw me in to Great Oaks Dentistry; after the first few seconds of walking in I knew I was in capable hands, & caring ones at that too. Whilst unhappy I had to have fillings for sure; I was sure that the identifying of the need for them wouldn’t have been identified by my former dentist back in Europe. After further visit; equally as professional & accommodating, I can happily and safely say that the “show” of smiles isn’t fake. It’s an example of a place that others should try to emulate. Well done. I’ll be back.

Paul Heath

My dental anxiety was erased by the professionalism and kindness I received at my first appointment. I was very impressed, relieved, and now am very willing to go back again. Thank you

Stephen Davis

Easy going, friendly, but direct and to the point – very informative

William B.

Dr.Alayan is one of the best dentist out there the waiting time is really short an you’ll be greeted like family, also they give a list of what you need an how much an the staff is really excellent explaining it to you. Rate would be 10 stars if they had 10 stars

Bo N

Dr. Alayan & everyone who works in his office are the greatest!! Friendly, courteous & professional, they actually make a trip to the dentist a pleasure. And Dr. Alayan does wonderful work. I’ve had 2 crowns, veneers & a bridge done since I started going to him over a year ago & have been completely satisfied with everything. I’d highly recommend him.

Pam E.

For years I have suffered with pain in my face and neck. The last 2 years it became progressively worse, and I visited my Chiropractor for help, I was seeing an ear, nose and throat Dr., and was seriously considering the fact that I may have to get glasses due to having severe pain in my eyes and headaches and my vision getting worse…

Marisa Hart

I love Great Oaks Dentistry , the staff are wonderful and helpful. I had some bad experiences before I went to see them. Doctor Alayan is a very caring and excellent Dentist.

Zia Anwar

“From the moment I walked in the door the staff was welcoming.Dr. Alayan explained everything. I remember he said my teeth would be perfect, and you know what? They are ! Truly grateful.”

Debarah R.