Dental Technology


cerecA computer aided design and manufacturing technology in dentistry that allows us to custom fabricate tooth colored restorations, such as crowns and onlays, in our office in a single visit. No more need for temporaries or a return visit by the patient to complete the restorative visit, including limiting the need for additional anesthesia. This will save time and money by avoiding another day of missed work, with the added value of long term success rates with these beautiful tooth colored restorations.

Digital Radiography

digitalWith this exciting new technology, instead of a trip to the developer, Dr. Alayan and his patients are able to view their x-ray images on the computer screen just seconds after their radiographs are taken. The images are stored in the computers memory, from where they can easily be retrieved. The chemical waste associated with film processing is eliminated and more significantly, patients are exposed to 90% less radiation dosage.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-Oral-CameraThe latest in dental technology gives us the intra-oral camera. It is a wonderful tool that allows us to take a very close look at the patient’s teeth. With a miniaturized camera, we can display things in the mouth that are magnified 25 times on the monitor. This way, it allows you to see everything we see!

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Ultra-Sonic-CleaningWith the addition of our new dental ultrasonic scaler we are able to deliver the best dental hygiene care while increasing your comfort. One of the main benefits of this new technology is that we can maintain clinical power while staying at lower power settings, which adds more comfort for our patients while being more efficient, with a lot less noise.

CAESY Patient Education Videos

Casey-Patient-Education-VideosHere at Great Oaks Dentistry we are happy to offer this amazing educational tool to all of our patients. With over 250 CAESY Education Videos available we can educate our patients about every conceivable topic and procedure available. If you have a dental question, please allow us to share our knowledge!