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Are you prepared to handle an oral emergency? Accidents happen all of the time, and you’d best make yourself ready so that you can take action with confidence, whether it is for yourself or to help someone else.

Because they are so delicate, the soft tissues of the mouth are easily torn and cut. Luckily, they also are quick to heal. A cut on the gums can seem more serious than it may be because of the amount of blood that flows, but don’t be too concerned as this can be due to the fact that saliva is being added to the mix.

The first step, is to clean the wound thoroughly with a saltwater rinse to sanitize the area. You may also use antiseptic mouthwash if you have it. Next, press a cold washcloth to the area until the bleeding stops. You can make a cold compress using ice wrapped in a washcloth. The cold pressure will slow circulation causing the blood to clot, reduce inflammation and bruising, and stop the bleeding. If after a reasonable amount of time the wound is still bleeding profusely, it may be too deep to heal on its own. Continue the pressure and get to an emergency clinic for stitches.

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