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Most people already practice important dental hygiene tactics such as brushing and flossing every day because they want to avoid tooth decay. Did you know that routine dental cleanings are an important step in preventive care to maintain excellent oral health?

Dental cleanings matter greatly to the efficacy of your routine dental checkups because it allows our team to remove tooth stains with a polishing and clean away the harmful tooth substances that can damage your smile. Dr. Hooty Alayan can also detect developing signs of dental problems and provide treatment as soon as possible. Routine dental visits help to make any dental treatment you receive more conservative and economical.

This dental cleaning appointment is an opportunity for us to screen your smile for dental problems that could cause significant concern. For example, we perform oral cancer screenings to detect this issue as soon as possible. We can also determine if you have any symptoms of cavities or gum disease so that we can prevent these conditions from causing health problems like heart disease and respiratory complications.

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