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Did you know there are little habits you might participate in at school that can negatively affect your smile? Well, it’s true. This means that if you’re not careful, these habits can promote dental issues. Our dentist, Dr. Hooty Alayan, strongly encourages you to avoid those habits so you can keep your smile in the best shape possible. Those habits are:

-Chewing on your nails and other hard objects: If you have the nervous habit of chewing on your nails, pens and pencils when you’re taking a test or completing an assignment, it’s time to change your ways. Chewing on these things can crack your tooth enamel and eventually damage the entire tooth. So, please avoid this habit as much as possible.

-Not drinking enough water: If you drink water regularly, it can wash the bacteria and food particles from the teeth and gums. This can help you prevent dental issues, avoid dry mouth and even have better breath. So, try to sip on water throughout the day. This might be an easier task if you keep a water bottle with you.

-Not chewing gum: Chewing gum can increase your saliva flow. Your saliva can wash the bacteria and other harmful substances from your teeth and gums. So, make sure to chew sugarless gum after every meal and snack to maintain a top-notch smile.

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