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A potential side-effect you’ll want to avoid after a tooth extraction is dry socket. Ideally, after your extraction, the pain should abate within a day and the socket should heal as it is protected by a blood clot. If that clot is disrupted or dislodge, the nerves and bones will be exposed, increasing your risk of infection. Dry socket can be very painful. You may first notice a dull ache that travels up to the ear. You may also experience a bad taste or odor in your mouth.

When you have a tooth pulled, the dentist will talk to you about avoiding dry socket. The days after surgery is the most important for proper healing and the chances of getting dry socket are at their highest. If you believe you have dry socket, contact your dentist immediately to have it treated. The dentist will clean the socket and apply a dressing to protect it. You may be given a prescription for an antibiotic or a pain reliever.

The following can cause complications when healing from an extraction:

-Drinking hot or warm beverages
-Drinking carbonated beverages
-Unnecessarily bothering or removing the gauze
-Putting things in your mouth such as straws.
-Anxiety and stressful situations
-Some medications and medical conditions can make you more vulnerable to dry socket.

If you are concerned about dry socket from an extraction, Dr. Hooty Alayan can talk with you further. Please contact Great Oaks Dentistry at 512.271.6619 to make an appointment, or come by our office in Round Rock, Texas.