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Chronic periodontal disease is often the result of long term poor oral hygiene practices. As tartar continues to accumulate near the gumline, the chronic bacterial presence can inflame your gums causing gingivitis symptoms. This can typically cause your gums to look red, or cause them to bleed easily during your daily oral hygiene routine. Many gingivitis sufferers also experience chronic bad breath problems.

If you further have a bad habit of putting off your routine dental checkup at Dr. Hooty Alayan’s dental office, gingivitis symptoms can worsen into the condition known as periodontitis. As the inflammation continues to progress, it can gradually start to cause your gums to pull back from the bases of your teeth. This can cause an infection to build up near the roots of your teeth. In time, the condition of periodontitis can start to weaken the roots of your teeth. In time it could even cause a loss of bone structure in the underlying tissues.

Sometimes chronic periodontitis will require oral surgery like a gingival flap treatment, gingival resection, or a gum graft to clear away infected materials and prevent tooth loss. It’s also worth noting that continuing research has found an association between the systemic inflammation of chronic periodontitis and other medical conditions like increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and complications from diabetes.

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